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Create A Scene

A glimpse at the Task Centers

A stay of approx. 2-3 hours in total would enable a child to experience each of the task centers.

How about taking some photos of you and your friends dressed up as Kings or Queens, Rock and Roll Stars, Future Heroes or villans…you choose the theme and create a scene with the props provided.


Children select from one of the theme areas ie. Future, Medieval, Monsters or Punk Rock. They can select from many “Theatre Style” costumes including accessories such as wigs, head pieces etc.

In the areas there is also a selection of props which they choose to help them complete the scene. To reduce the risk of injury props are lightweight and children cannot stand on top of them.

Digital photos of the group can be taken or supplied by our experienced staff when they are set up.

Children are not required to take off clothing to reveal undergarments.