Activities, Workshops & Incursions For School Melbourne

How We Run Programs

About our Programs

Our programs can be tailored to meet your particular needs or inquiry units. We require a hall or multi-purpose room with double door access. We can also set up in an outdoor area if the area is undercover.

We arrive 40 minutes earlier to set up our equipment and we generally require 6 to 8 tables for our set up. As our equipment is all life size, we require access and parking for a large van, preferably near the set-up area.

We cannot carry our equipment up flights of stairs, even though 2 or 3 steps is OK.

We generally set up 6 activities splitting the children into 6 equal groups. As our activities are very hands-on, we request 3 or 4 other staff to assist throughout the sessions.

The Incursion starts with us discussing the particular programme and how the activities tie in with the inquiry topic. After looking at the activities and discussing the students’ approach to each activity, and the challenges that they will encounter, we commence the hands-on part of the program.

Each group is assigned to an activity with approximately 15 minutes allowed to complete each task. Each group is rotated around to all the activities, until the program is over.

At the end of the Program, we finish off with a short discussion and questions and answers.

About Us

Taskworks was created in 2004 by Greg Lipenski a mechanical engineer and Rose Langenegger a math/science teacher. They saw a need for children to be engaged in hands-on activities that were life size and tactile, allowing them to learn in a fun and exciting environment.

At Taskworks we design and build our own unique equipment to stimulate children’s minds and bodies. We use our many years of experience to teach children about the joy of learning whilst using hands on equipment and working with other children.

Our Vision

To allow children to explore, create and problem solve with other children. To

enable learning to be fun and use life size equipment that will allow them to challenge themselves and create skills and form memories to take them into the future.