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Motion Incursions For School

Life and movement are everywhere in the universe, and Taskworks bring interactive motion incursions to school. The students will learn about forces and motions as well as the physical properties of energy in these workshops. Variables like magnetism, gravity, and electrostatic forces have a role in an object’s motion, acceleration, and travel direction. Students will discover more about how force and motion are interrelated by experimenting with various forces. Further, students will discover the repulsion among magnets and understand the forces of attraction.

Our engaged scientific teachers motivate students to anticipate, observe, and report on each activity. Our interactive incursions, whether in person or online, will last 90-120 minutes, relying on the school’s timetable. Students may participate in engaging displays and learning activities by doing them themselves.

There are also interactive polls and the opportunity to ask scientific questions from our team. We will answer all these questions throughout our sessions of motion incursions for school.

During the motion incursions for school by the Taskworks team, the students will engage in:

  • Look into the relationship between force and motion.
  • Utilise a spring scale to measure the forces exerted while moving a weight in various ways.
  • Assess the effects of friction using various surfaces.
  • Determine the effects of high and low amounts of friction on movement.
  • Observe the application of Newton’s First Law using an inertia device.
  • Examine air resistance and gravity by using a reaction rocket.
  • Explore the attractive and repulsive forces among magnets

Our one-of-a-kind motion incursions for school have been planned, designed, and developed under the Physical Science component of the Australian curriculum, with clear connections to Design and Technology. All tasks are hands-on and need collaboration, excellent communication, and perseverance. Get in touch with us today to know more.

Taskworks Incursions - Physical Science
and/or Design and Technology


Physical Science and Inquiry - Forces, Push/Pull, Movement


Inventions/Design and Technology/Toys/Simple Machines


Team Building/ Communication/You Can Do It/Healthy Mind and Body Theme


What people are saying

Our students enjoyed all the learning opportunities presented by the experienced Taskworks staff members. The children approached all the learning stations with enthusiasm and were successful when working together to solve some of the more challenging problem-solving tasks. The robot was a favourite! Greg’s presentation made clear connections to the class curriculum and the children were able to walk away with new learning and understanding about Forces. We look forward to working together again with the staff from Taskworks.

- Janis Kinda, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Our year 2 students participated in the problem-solving incursion and they enjoyed all the different activities. Students were engaged the whole time and loved touching, taking apart and building back together the different machines. A great incursion that we will definitely book in again in the future!

- Andreea Szabo, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Taskworks is such a great resource for schools! Our students loved the hands-on activities that supported their learning about teamwork and communication. It was fabulous to work with Greg and the team again!

- Ellie Tepe, Grade 2 Teacher

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