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Physical Science Incursions Melbourne

If you are searching for the best physical science incursions in Melbourne, then Taskworks is the place for you.

The physical science component of the Australian curriculum has been precisely planned, designed, and built to meet our exceptional physical science incursions in Melbourne, which also have strong connections to design and technology. Every activity is entirely hands-on and demands persistence, teamwork, and efficient communication.

All primary levels are exclusive to Taskworks and adapted to the new Australian Curriculum. A Taskworks Incursion fits the curriculum in three main ways:

Physical Science and Inquiry are two of our physical science excursions in Melbourne. It includes things like Forces, Push/Pull, and Movement.

The following are some examples of our physical intrusions in Melbourne: The motion of an object depends on a number of variables, including its size and shape.

  • An object responds to a push or a pull by moving or changing shape.
  • Examine the mechanisms by which technologies produce movement in products.
  • There are two ways that one object might provide force to another: directly or indirectly.
  • Examine how pressures and material characteristics impact a product’s or system’s behaviour.

A genuine concern that children were playing more alone and regularly spending too much time in front of TVs or computers gave rise to the idea for this unusual activity centre.

The owners and operators of Taskworks are Greg and Rose. Greg works as a mechanical engineer, and Rose educates secondary pupils in science and maths. They founded the business using their combined skills, and it required several years of meticulous planning and laborious work to construct Taskworks.

If you have any doubts regarding physical science incursions in Melbourne, do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Taskworks Incursions - Physical Science
and/or Design and Technology


Physical Science and Inquiry - Forces, Push/Pull, Movement


Inventions/Design and Technology/Toys/Simple Machines


Team Building/ Communication/You Can Do It/Healthy Mind and Body Theme


What people are saying

Our students enjoyed all the learning opportunities presented by the experienced Taskworks staff members. The children approached all the learning stations with enthusiasm and were successful when working together to solve some of the more challenging problem-solving tasks. The robot was a favourite! Greg’s presentation made clear connections to the class curriculum and the children were able to walk away with new learning and understanding about Forces. We look forward to working together again with the staff from Taskworks.

- Janis Kinda, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Our year 2 students participated in the problem-solving incursion and they enjoyed all the different activities. Students were engaged the whole time and loved touching, taking apart and building back together the different machines. A great incursion that we will definitely book in again in the future!

- Andreea Szabo, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Taskworks is such a great resource for schools! Our students loved the hands-on activities that supported their learning about teamwork and communication. It was fabulous to work with Greg and the team again!

- Ellie Tepe, Grade 2 Teacher

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