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Team Building Activities Victoria

As parents, we try to keep our kids entertained and engaged. Our kids play on our phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. They are busy with computer games, TV, and playing sports. But what else can keep them busy? Taskworks has designed many Team Building Activities in Victoria for our students.

Taskworks is the only program that offers hands-on activities for all primary students. It is also the only program that has been designed to match the new Australian Curriculum. The Taskworks mission is to make learning fun, and we encourage families to play together through our range of exciting activities. With our Team Building Activities in Victoria, our games are designed to develop skills such as hand/eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem-solving.

Our Team Building Activities in Victoria include:

  • Go Kart Building
  • Robot Construction
  • Train Building
  • Maths Puzzles
  • Simple Machines
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Critical Thinking
  • Puzzle activities and much more

We have designed a range of exciting, vibrant and challenging activities for children aged 6 -14 years. We created Taskworks to give your child the time and space to express their creative potential. Taskworks Incursions are tailored to the new Australian Curriculum, and can be used to teach any or all of the Physical Science, Inventions or Design and Technology, Team Building, or Healthy Mind and Body Themes.

The Taskworks Centre for the Integration of Learning is a next-generation learning platform designed to be adaptable to all children, from early learners to high school seniors. The system is based on the use of physical and virtual tools, multiple teachers and aides, and a facilitator who serves as an organiser and coach. The main goal of the entire system is to encourage authentic learning by putting students at the centre of their own education.

While offering the best Team Building Activities in Victoria, Taskworks understand the importance of team building and has created an entire library of activity ideas to help get you started. Discover the Taskworks difference for yourself today!

Taskworks Incursions - Physical Science
and/or Design and Technology


Physical Science and Inquiry - Forces, Push/Pull, Movement


Inventions/Design and Technology/Toys/Simple Machines


Team Building/ Communication/You Can Do It/Healthy Mind and Body Theme


What people are saying

Our students enjoyed all the learning opportunities presented by the experienced Taskworks staff members. The children approached all the learning stations with enthusiasm and were successful when working together to solve some of the more challenging problem-solving tasks. The robot was a favourite! Greg’s presentation made clear connections to the class curriculum and the children were able to walk away with new learning and understanding about Forces. We look forward to working together again with the staff from Taskworks.

- Janis Kinda, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Our year 2 students participated in the problem-solving incursion and they enjoyed all the different activities. Students were engaged the whole time and loved touching, taking apart and building back together the different machines. A great incursion that we will definitely book in again in the future!

- Andreea Szabo, Grade 2 Teacher

What people are saying

Taskworks is such a great resource for schools! Our students loved the hands-on activities that supported their learning about teamwork and communication. It was fabulous to work with Greg and the team again!

- Ellie Tepe, Grade 2 Teacher

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